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I have been teaching for a total of about 12 years, most of which has been in the last 9 years. In my personal experience, it seems that about 10-20% of students easily get programming, and I have often worked on getting the concepts across to those for whom it doesn't come so naturally.

At ECPI I have been teaching software development and electronics, with a smattering of networking courses thrown in.

ECPI University (Aug 2015 - present) Columbia, SC
EET and CIS Adjunct

Teach evening courses in Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Information Systems, including Digital Systems I and II, Electric Circuits I and II, Semiconductor Devices, Industrial Applications, Intermediate Database, Web Design (HTML/CSS), Web Client Scripting (Javascript), Programming I (C), Cloud Computing Concepts, Computer Applications, Intro to Operating Systems
TIDEWATER COMMUNITY COLLEGE (Sep 1997 - Mar 2000) Norfolk, VA
Assistant Professor

Developed and taught basic to advanced courses, including object oriented programming (C++), introductory and intermediate computer programming (C/C++), web page development (HTML and Javascript), and Using Windows and Microsoft Office.